On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

A quick(ish) recap on Encounter

Encounter was one of the events that I looked forward to the most as a college student. After licking my exam wounds and spending time resting, catching up with my family and trying to remember the cliched “reason for the season” Encounter came and gave me a chance to get together with my friends and continue worshiping the God who sent his son into the world.

Even though I loved Encounter for four years, I’ve got to admit, this past week was bitter sweet. I enjoyed it, the teaching was fantastic as was the music. I spent a large chunk of my Christmas money on books that I look forward to digging into in the near future. And my first meal of the new year was Biscuitville. All of that was sweet, but it only added to the bitterness because we were reminded that even though this is what we want to do, we can’t yet.

Please keep praying for us. Pray that we would use this as a catalyst for moving forward and not an excuse to mope around.

In order to end on a more happier note – six students from Winthrop are planning on going on a summer project this year and at least four of them are wanting to go to Santa Cruz. I am dang excited about that.

~ Chris

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