When are we going to Tennessee?

One of the questions I regularly field goes something like, “I thought you were supposed to be in Tennessee by now.”

My internal response is usually, “I thought so, too”, but my external response is usually to fumble through some explanation about how our ability to BE in Tennessee is dependent on reaching a state of being “fully funded”.

I can understand that, a lot of times, these fumbling efforts are probably not clear to anyone who hasn’t gone through a similar process, so I wanted to take a few moments and try to clear that up (although, truthfully, I would rather talk about this over coffee so feel free to stop reading and call me and we can do that instead 😉 )

What we will be doing in Tennessee is working with college students to help them navigate questions of identity, purpose, and who God is in the midst of it all.  In order to be able to devote our full-time effort to being there our paychecks (and all of our work expenses) are essentially crowd sourced by people & organizations that think what we are doing is important and want a piece of the action (most missionaries and, truthfully, most non-profits also get their funds this way). Instead of a few individuals being paid to just raise these funds for the whole organization we get to be on the frontlines of both fund raising and impacting college students.

And, yes, this can be daunting, and sometimes we do wish we could skip this step, but we know it is good and we really do enjoy being directly connected to a tribe of people who value what we do enough to be a part of it.

So when will we go to Tennessee? Honestly, we have no idea as it relates to the calendar, but Chris did illustrate our remaining need:

log chart pic

So the answer to when is simply when each of those silhouettes “becomes” a person or organization who is committed to regularly giving so that we can focus on impacting the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.

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1 Response to When are we going to Tennessee?

  1. Laurie Spindler says:

    Nice explanation!!! I need to make a silhouette chart for our support needs too!! God bless you both!


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