A bigger story

As we expressed frustration over why we aren’t in Tennessee yet with a friend the other day, she reminded us that God is telling a story that is bigger than us.

Right now, at Middle Tennessee State University, there are only 3 Cru staff members working fulltime to reach the students on campus. MTSU has between 20,000 and 26,000 students. To put that in perspective, Winthrop, our alma mater, has roughly 6,000 students. MTSU has A LOT of students and they’re studying everything from Music and Music Business (thanks to their proximity to Nashville) to Aerospace Engineering and Concrete Industry Management.

While we (as well as another married couple and a single guy) raise support to join them, there are three people reaching out to that large and diverse of a campus. Certainly, this is a story bigger than us. God is teaching them how to trust him with those daunting numbers just like he is teaching us with our own very different but still daunting numbers.

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