You are not an appendix


I recently finished reading Skye Jethani’s “Futureville” and found it excellent food for thought.

Early on in the book Jethani spends a lot of time discussing calling and the need to embrace a theology of vocation where we embrace the multitude of specific callings each person may have without placing them in a hierarchy of value, “each calling is valuable because of the One who calls us to it.” (Ch. 7)

As I read this I thought about Paul’s exposition on callings (especially in 1 Corinthians 12) and how it is compared to a body.

A body NEEDS diversity to thrive. The best thing for blood to do is circulate; the best thing for bones to do is be immovable; the best thing for skin to do is cover and be covered. We can’t put these functions into a hierarchy because if any of them ceases to function in its manner we cease to function as well.

If my bones are on the outside and my skin is circulating and my blood is immovable – I am dead (and dismembered).

So why do we try to do this in the BODY of Chirst, that is the church. It doesn’t really matter what your calling is, it matters that you do it with excellence. Your calling might not look “spiritual” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential – you aren’t an appendix.

(And even the appendix isn’t as superfluous as we like to pretend it is)

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